Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caricature 37/500: The Donald

Here is a guy I should have drawn a long time ago. Everyone does a caricature of Donald Trump. He's a walking caricature with his awesome hair and eyebrows, pursed lips and piercing scowls. Plus, we share a birthday so, along with Burle Ives and Boy George, we make quite a team of June 14th entertainers.

I decided to do this of course because the new season of Celebrity Apprentice has started. I never make it through a full season but I am always there for the premier to see who the next Gary Busey or Meatloaf trainwreck will be. This year I made it through two episodes. It doesn't seem like there are any so-called celebrities interesting enough to tune in for this year. I didn't know who most of this group was anyway. Oh well, I am sure he will have a new season with new celebrities I have never heard of in the fall and I will give it another few episodes.

So here he is, The Donald. Pencil sketched, scanned and digitally inked and colored.


Anonymous said...

you're fired!

Anonymous said...

just kidding, you're hired!